The buyer's guide to choosing the right fulfillment partner

Are you looking to scale and unsure if your current provider can scale with you? Are you looking for a fulfillment provider that has strong communication and inventory transparency at every stage of the process? Download our Buyer's Guide to navigate what things to look for when interviewing fulfillment partners.

Fulfillment Built for Beauty, Wellness & Fashion

Ship Ramp Scale Grow Customize Expand Fulfill Partner Innovate with confidence

Built by retailers, for retailers, MasonHub provides the technology and expertise that beauty and wellness brands need to rapidly scale.

Expert Fulfillment From the Experts

Top beauty and wellness brands trust MasonHub for a reason. Created by the people behind Dollar Shave Club,
Gilt Groupe, Casper, and more, we bring decades of expertise to everything we do.

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They build technology that allowed us to scale 10x without
adding engineers. I’ve never seen anything like it before in
my 25 years in the business.

Candice Macia
Vice President of Operations, Vegamour

A platform and a partner in one

MasonHub combines the best supply chain technology with expert
fulfillment services, so you can sell more and worry less.

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Fast & Accurate

Eliminate your backend chaos

Are multiple systems, convoluted processes, and heavy manual lifts keeping you up at night? With MasonHub’s proprietary end-to-end fulfillment technology, we streamline and eliminate the mess, helping you exceed your customer experience.


Our cloud-based software and integrated fulfillment platform connects and automates crucial fulfillment processes, cutting down manual work and filling visibility gaps that slow down growth.

Connect your store & watch the magic happen

MasonHub makes it easy to expand and optimize fulfillment,
wherever you are. Just connect to the platform, send us your inventory,
track all activity on your integrated dashboard, and know your product is in great hands.

VIP Treatment

Customized white glove service

Delight your customers, VIPs, and influencers with ease. MasonHub’s Marketing Automation engine lets you customize pack-outs, personalize with product samples and branded notes, bundle and kit products, handle subscription box fulfillment, and more—all while letting you guarantee 1-2 day shipping, make returns a breeze, and meet each retail partners’ exact requirements.

Holistic Logistics

Comprehensive outsourced fulfillment

Unified inventory management. Dynamic kitting and bundling. Discounted shipping. Effortless storefront integration. And that’s just the beginning. MasonHub’s industry-defining outsourced fulfillment platform helps you rapidly scale, expand your omnichannel presence, and optimize every dollar you spend on operations.

  • Get full flexibility to manage demand surges, enter new channels, and ship to any region

  • Skip the switching costs–use our integration, infrastructure, and logistics network to seamlessly scale

  • Enjoy full control of your inventory and pack-outs with our fully owned and operated fulfillment centers

Unparalleled Access

Real-time visibility, control & confidence

Our intuitive and user-friendly customer portal gives a clear view into your fulfillment activity, intelligently optimizes distribution, and dynamically adjusts to current demand and other market variables.

  • Get real-time data at the SKU level for every order
  • See orders from every channel on a single platform
  • Track carrier activity and shipment statuses
  • Easily manage presales, backorders, and returns
  • Edit orders anytime, even after MasonHub receives them
  • Use the right fulfillment centers, shippers, and packaging for each order

We see your bigger picture

Our expertise helps you realize your full potential. See how MasonHub takes logistics management
off your plate so you can focus on making products your customers will love for years to come.