Automate Dropship with MasonHub’s SPS Commerce Integration

Apr 04, 2023

Graphic explaining the benefits of MasonHub’s SPS Commerce Integration for automating dropship in retail channels, highlighting inventory, order, and shipment management.

Grow revenue in new retail channels at scale by connecting to EDI dropship partners and automating the order management process.

MasonHub’s SPS Commerce integration enables you to connect directly into a network of thousands of retailers, sell your products on online stores, and automate dropshipping with ease. With this integration, you’ll be EDI compliant with dropship retailers, save time, and avoid non-compliance charges.

SPS Commerce is a leading EDI solutions provider with direct pre-built connections to thousands of retailers. By partnering with SPS Commerce and MasonHub, you’ll be able to connect to retailers within their network, meet EDI testing and compliance requirements, and fully automate the order-to-ship process. 

If required by the retailer, MasonHub will ship to the customer on the retailer’s third-party carrier account and print their branded pack slip or fulfill other packout requirements for a seamless fulfillment and unboxing experience. 

Since e-commerce retailers often update EDI requirements, MasonHub’s SPS Commerce integration helps sellers maintain ongoing EDI compliance without additional technical investment. 

How it works:

Our SPS Commerce connector leverages Fusion, MasonHub’s innovative integration platform and workflow engine that allows us to easily connect and automate processes across business-critical applications. Fusion is built to support high transaction volumes and provide enterprise-class reliability, so you don’t have to worry about scaling technology as your business grows.

Illustrative diagram showing the workflow of MasonHub's dropship automation process with SPS Commerce Integration, detailing steps from inventory upload to shipping confirmation.

MasonHub’s SPS Commerce integration allows you to:

  • Grow revenue in new dropship channels at scale
  • Automate dropship order management and fulfillment
  • Ship to the customer on the retailer’s third-party account
  • Include retailer-branded pack slips and other packout requirements
  • Maintain EDI compliance without additional technical changes
  • Save your team time by eliminating manual work
  • Avoid non-compliance charges

Whether you’re already selling your products on a retailer’s website, or looking to partner with new retailers to expand your business in new markets, you can connect through SPS Commerce and MasonHub to automate your dropshipping business in a matter of weeks.

Dropship automation through SPS is available by request today, with general onboarding availability starting January 2022. Reach out to your Account Manager to request more information about how you can get started.