How Partnering with Route Helps to Ease Ecommerce Headaches

Business professional packing orders for shipping, symbolizing the effective ecommerce solutions provided by partnering with Route, as featured in the press release.

Learn how Route can help prevent lost and damaged packages during the busy peak season.

No one wants their call centers to get overwhelmed with customers complaining about missing, damaged or stolen packages during Holiday peak season. Partnering with package protection provider Route has offered our merchants a proactive solution to ease ecommerce headaches. Since partnering with Route, MasonHub has helped clients protect over 30,000 packages resulting in approximately $4 million of protected revenue.

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How The Perfect Jean Forged True Partnership With Its Fulfillment Provider

A man in a denim jacket stands before a backdrop displaying his brand's jeans managed through an optimized fulfillment system, indicating a successful partnership.

Building trust and not being afraid to take risks led to success on both sides.

For DTC sportswear brand The Perfect Jean, landing on the right fulfillment provider was important from the get-go. Cofounder Ovadia Labaton was looking for a partner that could handle their back-end operations with confidence and eliminate the need for a large in-house team.

“The idea with The Perfect Jean was always to keep it simple. We run a very lean team and we basically look to just do things right, lean into things that work, and lean far away from things that cause us headaches,” said Labaton. “Fulfillment is one of the hardest parts of e-commerce, so as soon as we find a system and process that works well for us, we stick with it. That holds true on the software side and the marketing partnerships as well.”


Omnichannel From Day One: How MasonHub Helped Thirteen Lune Launch

Graphic illustration showcasing Thirteen Lune's diverse beauty product range on a digital platform interface, representing the omnichannel partnership with MasonHub.

Inclusive beauty marketplace Thirteen Lune launched its DTC business and an in-store and online partnership with JCPenney in its first year.

Thirteen Lune founders Patrick Herning and Nyakio Grieco were no strangers to launching successful brands–but they faced a whole new challenge by launching a game-changing, first-of-its kind beauty marketplace curating and celebrating BIPOC-founded brands. In the middle of a pandemic, no less. 

Looking to blend a true omnichannel experience with seamless logistics, the two turned to MasonHub to help them launch their DTC business and an in-store and online JCPenny partnership in its very first year.

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How MasonHub Helped Scale Fashion’s Go-To Fitness Brand

A computer monitor displaying the user interface of a fitness brand's online platform, indicating the company's growth and partnership with a fulfillment service

After a year of explosive growth, Bala cofounder and CEO Natalie Holloway focused on finding the right fulfillment partner.

“Operations is something I wish I knew when I launched the business,” said Natalie Holloway, cofounder and CEO of Bala Bangles. Holloway and her husband, Max Kislevitz, Holloway, created the fashionable line of adjustable wrist and ankle weights, which has expanded into bars, power rings, sliders, and resistance bands.

During Bala’s explosive journey from idea to full-blown “As Seen on TV” brand, Holloway not only learned operations–she optimized them by partnering with MasonHub. See how we helped this rapidly growing brand take their business (and customer experience) to the next level.

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Vegamour: Inventory Visibility Just in Time for Explosive Growth

Screenshot of Vegamour's inventory dashboard showing the "GRO Discovery Kit" in stock, alongside images of beauty products, demonstrating efficient inventory visibility and management.

Spurred on by the pandemic, the company switched from self-fulfillment to a fulfillment partner.

“With COVID-19, our backs were against the wall,” said Daniel Hodgdon, co-founder and CEO of beauty brand Vegamour, as the brand faced explosive growth leading to oversold items and shipping delays–and the imminent arrival of a 10,000-unit shipment of hand sanitizer. That’s when Hodgdon knew it was time to find a fulfillment partner.

See how Vegamour and MasonHub made magic happen with expedited onboarding, dynamic kitting, proactive management of backorders and pre-sell, and more.

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KUSSHI: From Self-Fulfillment to Shipping in One Hour

A user interface displaying a makeup bag product, symbolizing the successful shift from in-house to MasonHub’s fulfillment partnership.

How the internet’s favorite makeup bag transitioned from time-consuming in-house fulfillment to a highly productive partnership with MasonHub.

“With luxury products,” says Jessica Parker, Founder and CEO of makeup bag and accessory brand KUSSHI, “it’s important that quality is consistent throughout the whole journey. Being an online brand means the only real touch point we have is when the customer receives their order, so the unboxing needs to continue and exceed that luxury experience.”

Facing massive growth and high-end customer expectations, Parker knew the brand needed the right fulfillment partner to manage both shipping and setting up the right unboxing experience. See how MasonHub helped this go-to beauty accessory brand take their shipping and customer experience to new heights. 

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How Carbon38 Achieved a Near-Perfect Fill Rate

A case study presentation on a computer screen showing the significant improvement of a luxury athleisure retailer's fill rate with MasonHub's solutions.

Find out how the leading luxury athleisure retailer improved its fill rate from 92% to 99.9% after switching to MasonHub.

Today’s digital native brands are in fierce competition for the mindshare of consumers who have plenty of other options to choose from–a reality that Joseph Littlefield, VP of Operations and Supply Chain at Carbon38, is all too aware of. With their previous fulfillment provider failing to reach the fill rate and service levels they’d agreed upon, he knew it was time to find the right partner. 

The expectations were clear: protect the brand through a strong packaging and unboxing experience, keep transit times and shipping rates competitive, and fill orders at the highest possible rate for their industry. See how they got all this (and more) with MasonHub. 

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