Client Spotlight: Ranavat

Apr 13, 2023

Michelle Ranavat, founder of ayurvedic beauty and skincare company Ranavat.
Ranavat founder Michelle Ranavat wearing a purple t-shirt, jeans, and gold heart necklace while sitting on a green velvet chair

Michelle Ranavat on what sets her beauty brand apart & why she chose MasonHub fulfillment.

You introduced Ranavat in 2017. What was the turning point for the brand? 

“For us, growth wasn’t linear. But people spending more on beauty and prioritizing self-care really allowed our business to shine. We found they were searching for skincare that was effective, made them feel good, and had a deeper meaning. So over the past year, we started constantly giving customers educational and enjoyable content, providing a connection around Ranavat and India and its traditions. When it came time for Holiday shopping, it felt like we were top of mind, like the years’ worth of work came to fruition at the right time.”

Why do you think beauty consumers are embracing Indian-inspired lines now? 

“It’s a confluence of many things. Ayurveda has been used regularly throughout history, as has yoga and meditation, and there is much more awareness of ingredients like ashwagandha and turmeric and what they can offer for skin, but there was never really a brand that could share a story and cultural connection. People are more open and connect the dots so much faster now.  It’s been a huge step toward celebrating our origins and enjoying not just the rituals but the culture behind the products.”

Ranavat beauty products laid out on a table including hair serum, cream cleanser, renewing bakuchi creme, brightening saffron serum, facial polish, hydrating jasmine mist, and resurfacing saffron masque.

Where are your customers located? 

“They’re pretty geographically diverse, and we have a big international contingent. The U.K. and U.A.E. are big areas for us, as are the U.S. coasts and Texas. We want to open new channels in India and other parts of Asia as well.” 

How would you describe your current distribution? 

“There are two sides of our business–ecommerce and wholesale. We just opened Sephora as a new channel, and being able to provide a really high-touch, custom experience to our DTC customers in addition to shipping big orders to Sephora is a really critical mix. What I appreciate about MasonHub is how they invested in our future by taking on a smaller brand and how they’ve helped us grow and scale. With supply chain craziness – we are seeing very long lead times on components – the last thing you want to do is over-complicate your job fulfilling orders. Finding the right 3PL is one of those things you should do before you need it, that’s why I chose MasonHub fulfillment.”

What’s your ultimate goal for Ranavat?  

“For the culture as a whole to reach more people through mainstream channels. That’s how I measure success. Are they connecting to us?  Can they see themselves in the brand? Are they able to see us in their daily lives?”