Further Revolutionize Your Returns Process with Integrations

Apr 12, 2023

Graphic showing integration between a happy face emoji and a warehouse, symbolizing the seamless returns process with MasonHub's integrations.

Our latest integrations help you streamline returns by up to 90%, taking the manual work out of return merchandise authorizations.

Whether you’re newly launching your vision or steadily growing an established brand, you have plenty occupying your day. Not the least of which is returns. The National Retail Federation estimates returns account for over $761 billion in lost sales. Today’s landscape shows more than 256 million American’s shop online, 25% of whom buy intending to immediately return 5 – 15% of their items.

A well-chosen return partner can not only streamline the process and help mitigate return fraud, but can also offer another opportunity to delight your customers and differentiate your brand.  

Choose the platform that suits your needs – whether it’s exchanges, green returns, or flexible return methods – and let us handle the rest.

MasonHub has established relationships with our clients’ top return providers: Happy Returns, Loop, and Returnly. These integrations allow you the freedom to focus on other areas of your business and only address individual returns as the exception. With three easy steps, we’ve seen clients reduce manually managed returns by up to 90%, saving hours of valuable time and energy.

  1. Connect MasonHub to your Return account
  2. Map your custom Return Reasons in our OMS
  3. Decide if you’ll allow automated refunds
  4. That’s it!

Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs) are required for all returns hitting MasonHub’s dock. When connected with any of our integrated partners, these RMAs will be generated automatically in our OMS as soon as your customer initiates the return in your portal. To further reduce manual intervention, you can even allow automatic refund processing when the item(s) is received in a re-sellable condition. Or maintain tighter oversight and generate RMAs automatically, but manually approve each refund.

Icons depicting the automated returns process, from a customer placing a return to MasonHub receiving it, emphasizing up to 90% savings in time.


We strive to integrate with partners that best meet your needs. Reach out to your MasonHub Account Manager for an introduction.

Don’t see an up-and-coming return partner on this list? We’d love to hear about them. 

  • Happy Returns offers box-free in-person returns which can be aggregated to reduce shipping costs. Happy Returns also provides buy online, return to store, and mail returns services. It maintains a network of over 2,600 Return Bar locations where online shoppers can drop off their returns in person. 
  • With Loop customers submitting a return are incentivized to exchange the item with one click, rather than return it. Should a customer still want a refund for their purchase, Loop helps retailers streamline their returns process using data from a returns form and your returns policy to automatically approve or deny requests. 
  • Returnly automatically creates international return labels to get packages through customs. Shoppers can also request refunds (or credit) in their local currency. Its Green Returns program also makes real-time decisions based on a retailer’s returns policy to judge whether an item can be resold if returned. If it can’t, the customer doesn’t need to ship it back.