How Carbon38 Achieved a Near-Perfect Fill Rate

Mar 09, 2023

A case study presentation on a computer screen showing the significant improvement of a luxury athleisure retailer's fill rate with MasonHub's solutions.

Find out how the leading luxury athleisure retailer improved its fill rate from 92% to 99.9% after switching to MasonHub.

Today’s digital native brands are in fierce competition for the mindshare of consumers who have plenty of other options to choose from–a reality that Joseph Littlefield, VP of Operations and Supply Chain at Carbon38, is all too aware of. With their previous fulfillment provider failing to reach the fill rate and service levels they’d agreed upon, he knew it was time to find the right partner. 

The expectations were clear: protect the brand through a strong packaging and unboxing experience, keep transit times and shipping rates competitive, and fill orders at the highest possible rate for their industry. See how they got all this (and more) with MasonHub. 

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