How it Works

MasonHub was designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations. Just connect your ecommerce store, send us your inventory, and you’re off to the races. Finally, a solution that makes the complex process of fulfillment easy.

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Connect your ecommerce store

Keep using your favorite selling tools while our software enables you to set custom guidelines for packaging and dynamic kitting.


Send us your inventory

Ship your products directly to MasonHub-operated fulfillment centers, where our order management system tracks inventory across all channels, down to the SKU level.


MasonHub fulfills orders for you

We make sure your orders are quickly and accurately filled every time. Sell to customers anywhere in the world–and benefit from our discounted shipping rates.


Returns are handled entirely by us

MasonHub processes returns, tracks carrier statuses, and provides you the data you need to issue refunds to your customers, eliminating the pain points of reverse logistics while saving you money on return shipping costs.


Keep track of everything in real time

See multichannel inventory, pick and pack statuses, and carrier updates, or pipe your data into other systems.