How MasonHub Helped Scale Fashion’s Go-To Fitness Brand

Mar 31, 2023

A computer monitor displaying the user interface of a fitness brand's online platform, indicating the company's growth and partnership with a fulfillment service

After a year of explosive growth, Bala cofounder and CEO Natalie Holloway focused on finding the right fulfillment partner.

“Operations is something I wish I knew when I launched the business,” said Natalie Holloway, cofounder and CEO of Bala Bangles. Holloway and her husband, Max Kislevitz, Holloway, created the fashionable line of adjustable wrist and ankle weights, which has expanded into bars, power rings, sliders, and resistance bands.

During Bala’s explosive journey from idea to full-blown “As Seen on TV” brand, Holloway not only learned operations–she optimized them by partnering with MasonHub. See how we helped this rapidly growing brand take their business (and customer experience) to the next level.

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