How The Perfect Jean Forged True Partnership With Its Fulfillment Provider

Apr 19, 2023

A man in a denim jacket stands before a backdrop displaying his brand's jeans managed through an optimized fulfillment system, indicating a successful partnership.

Building trust and not being afraid to take risks led to success on both sides.

For DTC sportswear brand The Perfect Jean, landing on the right fulfillment provider was important from the get-go. Cofounder Ovadia Labaton was looking for a partner that could handle their back-end operations with confidence and eliminate the need for a large in-house team.

“The idea with The Perfect Jean was always to keep it simple. We run a very lean team and we basically look to just do things right, lean into things that work, and lean far away from things that cause us headaches,” said Labaton. “Fulfillment is one of the hardest parts of e-commerce, so as soon as we find a system and process that works well for us, we stick with it. That holds true on the software side and the marketing partnerships as well.”