KUSSHI: From Self-Fulfillment to Shipping in One Hour

Mar 10, 2023

A user interface displaying a makeup bag product, symbolizing the successful shift from in-house to MasonHub’s fulfillment partnership.

How the internet’s favorite makeup bag transitioned from time-consuming in-house fulfillment to a highly productive partnership with MasonHub.

“With luxury products,” says Jessica Parker, Founder and CEO of makeup bag and accessory brand KUSSHI, “it’s important that quality is consistent throughout the whole journey. Being an online brand means the only real touch point we have is when the customer receives their order, so the unboxing needs to continue and exceed that luxury experience.”

Facing massive growth and high-end customer expectations, Parker knew the brand needed the right fulfillment partner to manage both shipping and setting up the right unboxing experience. See how MasonHub helped this go-to beauty accessory brand take their shipping and customer experience to new heights. 

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