Omnichannel From Day One: How MasonHub Helped Thirteen Lune Launch

Apr 10, 2023

Graphic illustration showcasing Thirteen Lune's diverse beauty product range on a digital platform interface, representing the omnichannel partnership with MasonHub.

Inclusive beauty marketplace Thirteen Lune launched its DTC business and an in-store and online partnership with JCPenney in its first year.

Thirteen Lune founders Patrick Herning and Nyakio Grieco were no strangers to launching successful brands–but they faced a whole new challenge by launching a game-changing, first-of-its kind beauty marketplace curating and celebrating BIPOC-founded brands. In the middle of a pandemic, no less. 

Looking to blend a true omnichannel experience with seamless logistics, the two turned to MasonHub to help them launch their DTC business and an in-store and online JCPenny partnership in its very first year.

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