Split Orders to Optimize Speed and Costs

Apr 05, 2023

Infographic showing MasonHub's order splitting strategy to optimize delivery speed and cost efficiency, highlighting bi-coastal fulfillment capabilities.

Our newest feature enables clients to split orders into multiple fulfillments based on inventory availability and location, saving time and money.

Now more than ever, it’s critical you get products into the hands of your customers as quickly and economically as possible. But with supply chain and production delays, not to mention ambiguous delivery times, so much feels out of your control. True to our mission, MasonHub is giving you more power and transparency over your order fulfillment.

Split orders by inventory availability and location to reach customers how and when you need to. If an order contains a backordered item, the available item ships first. And if you’re using both of our bicoastal fulfillment centers, split orders can route to both locations depending on inventory availability.

Backorders: Ship What’s Available Now

You already know you never have to miss a sale with MasonHub’s oversell policies for presale and backorder management, but now you can split orders into multiple fulfillments to ship whichever item(s) are ready first. 

With pre-Holiday anxiety already in full swing, customers remain antsy until the package is at their door. Now they don’t have to wait for their full order to come in stock before any of it heads their way. Ordered three items, but only one is in stock? The in-stock item will head your way immediately. Production setbacks allowing only one of the backordered items to restock? No problem, the newly restocked item will ship without another moment’s delay. Your customer can receive each part of their order as soon as it becomes available.

Order management interface showing backordered and allocated items on MasonHub platform, indicating the split order process to optimize shipping efficiency.

Bicoastal Fulfillment: Fulfill Orders From Either Coast

With facilities in California and Pennsylvania, we help you reach your customers as efficiently as possible. MasonHub’s flexible routing policies look at the destination address and available inventory levels to determine the optimal facility to fulfill the order. If your customer orders multiple items but they aren’t all in stock at the same facility, no problem! Our intelligent routing logic fulfills what it can from the nearest facility, then directs the rest of the order to fulfill from the facility with the remaining inventory. Play

Want more control? Decide whether you want your bicoastal routing policy to factor in just destination address, rather than both destination and inventory levels. And elect not to opt into automatic splitting, but retain the power to split orders manually as the individual situation may call for it.

Especially now, it can be hard to predict and guarantee your inventory levels, leaving customers wondering if they’ll ever get their order. Let MasonHub reduce some of that headache and contact us today.

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