The Evolution of Omnichannel

Mar 15, 2023

Man with tattoos and glasses in a white striped shirt sits on a stair looking at his phone

Retailers are connecting online and offline touchpoints to create more effective purchase journeys. Here’s how they’re doing it.

This article was published in ‘Business of Fashion’ on October 27, 2020.

The events that transformed the world in 2020 have also transformed the relationship between retailers and consumers. Facing increased health and safety concerns–and with technological innovations shaping the experiential nature of digitally enabled commerce–customers’ relationships to both physical retail and environments and digital portals continue to be redefined. 

Read more to see how Donny Salazar, MasonHub’s Founder & CEO, explains that brands need to quickly be truly channel-agnostic, offering their products wherever the customer wants to purchase them, to benefit from a first-mover advantage.

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