Vegamour: Inventory Visibility Just in Time for Explosive Growth

Mar 16, 2023

Screenshot of Vegamour's inventory dashboard showing the "GRO Discovery Kit" in stock, alongside images of beauty products, demonstrating efficient inventory visibility and management.

Spurred on by the pandemic, the company switched from self-fulfillment to a fulfillment partner.

“With COVID-19, our backs were against the wall,” said Daniel Hodgdon, co-founder and CEO of beauty brand Vegamour, as the brand faced explosive growth leading to oversold items and shipping delays–and the imminent arrival of a 10,000-unit shipment of hand sanitizer. That’s when Hodgdon knew it was time to find a fulfillment partner.

See how Vegamour and MasonHub made magic happen with expedited onboarding, dynamic kitting, proactive management of backorders and pre-sell, and more.

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